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Where to Find the Best Low MOQ Suppliers of Jewelry Wholesale

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I run an online jewelry store and source my jewelry wholesale lots from Asian suppliers. Where can I find low MOQ suppliers of jewelry wholesale from Asia that I can trust completely? I have tried a number of manufacturers and suppliers so far and have got my hands burned!

Where to Find the Best Low MOQ Jewelry Supplier?

We get this question often. Online jewelry stores are a great small business idea in North America, Europe, Middle East, Brazil, India and Australia, but the key to profitability in these stores is to source high quality jewelry at affordable prices from manufacturers based out of China or Hong Kong. Another important factor is to keep the inventory low to cut costs.

We realize that, which is why we provide the lowest MOQ jewelry wholesale lots you will get from any manufacturer based out of Asia. We are SilverLots, a leading jewelry manufacturer based out of Hong Kong with a manufacturing unit located in China.

We have a large team of jewelry designers and handle the entire process of jewelry manufacturing from start to finish, beginning with the jewelry conceptualization and design, the manufacturing, the shipping and the delivery.

In this article, we discuss the importance of sourcing your jewelry wholesale lots from low MOQ suppliers only. Read on!

What is MOQ?

An MOQ is an acronym that stands for minimum order quantity. It is the minimum amount that you can order from a supplier. This means that if the supplier says that they have an MOQ of 200 units / per design, you should make an order of at least 200 units / per design from them. The MOQ may be in terms of dollars or in the number of units. If you cannot reach the MOQ requirement of the supplier, they won’t be willing to enter production for your order.

Most suppliers in China have a very high MOQ requirement. The reason for this is that they operate on very low profit margins, and hence require customers to buy their wholesale lots in bulk.

If you have a new online jewelry store, or have a small business, you should look for the best low MOQ suppliers of jewelry wholesale. This way you can have the manufacturer enter into production for you even if you make a small order of 200 units / 200 designs rather than 200 units / one design.

One issue with low MOQ suppliers is that they charge a higher price per unit so that they can make a profit even with a low order quantity. That means higher cost for you.

At SilverLots, not only do we supply silver jewelry wholesale at low MOQ, we also make sure that the price per unit is as low as possible. This ensures that you are not disadvantaged in any way when you buy from us.

You can expect Solid Sterling Silver jewelry at 100% Genuine Solid Sterling Silver Guarantee from us. Also, we offer free Shipping on all orders of over $80 USD regardless of where you are located.

You are welcome to email us, LiveChat or Call/Whatsapp us 7×24 service at (+852)54853771.


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