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Custom Jewelry Design / ODM / OEM

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SilverLots offers custom jewelry design services, we will create CAD (JewelCad) and render it as a 3D view image. We want your custom jewelry design to be perfect, so we will alter the rendering until it meets your expectations.

Custom CAD Design + Molding + Casting

● MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) : 100 / per design
● Cost : 20-80 USD / per design (one time fee)
(CAD Design + Molding + Casting fee will be waived when production over 200pcs/per design)

Please send your design pictures/drawing or CAD file via Whatsapp or Email,
a quotation will be returned to you within 6 hours.

E-mail :

Tel/Whatsapp :
(+852) 54853771


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